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Our guests are everything to us.

We're here for you along the way as you create the wedding weekend of your dreams. Our venue's relaxed and flexible atmosphere gives your family and friends a White Mountains weekend that not only celebrates this unique milestone in your life but also energizes those you love as you spend that quality time together. 

We love being a part of your experiences.

"Our experience at Toad Hill was amazing. The beautiful setting made a special day even more magical, and we loved the unique opportunity to stay in the house the whole weekend with our bridal party. From the first night we had the whole farm to ourselves, to a rehearsal dinner on the spectacular porch, to our ceremony on the hill and celebrating on the lawn in front of the mountains, to incredible stargazing at the end of the night and so many cozy moments in the kitchen/house with our friends and family in between... the whole weekend was a dream! Mandy and Gene, thank you so much for sharing your little slice of heaven, and for being so welcoming and helpful while we were planning and during the event itself."

Rachel & Adam - June 10, 2023

2023 Review Highlight...

Jennifer & Kyle • August 26th, 2023


"The Toad Hill Farm was an enchanting experience from start to finish. The hospitality of Mandy and Gene was exceptional. They gave us the space we needed and were always available when we needed help. Everything is at hand and waking up to misty mountains was always a treasure. We had a frictionless experience from setup, to ceremony, to teardown. The WiFi was unexpectedly reliable, and Littleton is a short drive away for supplies."


"We could not be any happier that we had our wedding at THF. During the planning, Mandy was very responsive and very helpful when we needed any input. We opted not to not hire a wedding planner so Mandy’s experience from previous weddings in the farm came handy. We loved that we could choose our vendors and our décor, since that allowed us to curate a wedding that was truly ours. On the weekend of the wedding, Mandy and Gene were there to offer any help we needed. Being able to stay at the venue from Thursday allowed us to take our time and enjoy wedding preparation with our family and friends. The actual wedding was magical, the breath-taking views made the event incredibly memorable for us and all our guests."

2022 Review Highlight...

Cassie & Tyler • June 18, 2022

Toad Hill Farm is a beautiful venue, with a large, charming house and a beautiful backdrop of the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It is perfect for gorgeous photographs of your wedding, on sunny (or even cloudy) days. It is the perfect spot for your mountain wedding. The grounds are well maintained by Mandy, the venue coordinator, with wild flowers and beautiful long grasses.

One of the biggest pluses of Toad Hill Farm are Mandy and Gene, the owners and venue coordinators. Mandy was available all the time during our lease there, and was always there to answer questions, help us, and check in on us. She helped us source vendors for our wedding, and gave advice on who to hire. On the day of our wedding, Mandy and Gene were there to help with any additional setup, and Mandy coordinated with our Day of Coordinator to make sure everything went off with as few hiccups as possible. The day of our wedding was unfortunately a pretty heavy rainstorm, and Mandy was there to help us move guests around, provide umbrellas, and dry seats. She was incredible.

The long lease for the venue was helpful, because it allowed us to settle into the wedding site, get our wedding decorations set up as we wanted, make changes once things were actually set in place, and generally not feel rushed for our wedding. We had our wedding on Saturday, and the two days after the wedding allowed us to pack things up and generally decompress at our own pace. Also, having the house to stay in saved our wedding party money as they could stay on site and help.

As stated earlier, Toad Hill Farm has no required vendors. This gave us complete freedom to build our wedding as we saw fit. Mandy will provide suggestions on who to use, but she won’t block anyone from being hired.

On the flip side, Toad Hill Farm is relatively pricey. That said, I think it was well worth the price tag. Just consider the cost, if you are on a budget. As Toad Hill Farm has no built-in vendors, the cost will also increase from hiring every vendor you will need for your wedding. Which brings us to another point. If you are a creative person who is willing to be your own wedding planner (or you are hiring a full wedding planner), the flexibility of a venue is a massive plus. If you are not, you might end up overwhelmed with talking to and hiring every vendor you will need to put on your wedding. One final con, the views are gorgeous, but if you are one of the few unlucky wedding couples who pick a wedding day where the weather is bad (it rained VERY hard on our wedding day), those gorgeous views completely disappear. The grounds are still very beautiful in their own right, but you will for sure miss the mountain views.

You might notice that the cons are very minimal, and that is because Toad Hill Farm is a fantastic venue. I would highly recommend it to any wedding couple who wants a beautiful outdoor wedding.

More love for The Toad Hill Farm:

Kayla and Brandon-


The Toad Hill Farm was the perfect venue for our wedding day. It offered a beautiful home for our family to stay in for the weekend which allowed us all to be close together. Being able to use the venue for multiple days makes it the perfect spot to make memories that will last a lifetime with all of your closest family and friends. I also must mention - The views are to die for and your guests will surely be talking about them for a long time to come! Mandy and Gene were so helpful every step of the way. They ensured our wedding day went smoothly and made us feel at home while we were there! 


Kristin Burgess
Creative Director
By Emily B. (for Mackenzie and Galen-

We had the very best experience at Toad Hill Farm. We just love you guys and are so honored to have worked there alongside you. Mandy and Gene,  you work so hard to deliver an amazing experience and work like I do, nothing is "not your job." You stepped up at every turn and I am so grateful for everything you did. 


Mackenzie and Galen-


This venue was absolute perfection. Our wedding was 10/13/18 and I cannot picture a more magical place. The owners are incredibly accommodating, checking in, made sure we had everything we needed and helped problem solve a few items along the way. If you want a NH outdoor wedding, this is the place. Your backdrop is the White Mountains. The grounds are absolutely stunning. This is a gem of a venue in the white mountains. The house on site is picturesque farmhouse style and accommodates quote a number of folks. I would recommend Toad Hill Farm over and over again for new brides!



Angie and Andrew-


Our experience at Toad Hill Farm was nothing short of amazing! We loved being there and have even joked about getting divorced just so we can do it all over again next summer! Honestly the pictures don't do it justice; the view, the grounds and the house are all breathtaking! We even had rain and clouds on our wedding day and it was STILL the most beautiful place we could have gotten married. Being able to rent the venue from Thursday through Monday was awesome, we got to settle in with our bridal party before all the craziness of the wedding weekend began and we didn't have to rush out right after the wedding. One of our favorite moments of the weekend was early Sunday evening once everyone had left and it was just my husband and I. There was a beautiful sunset and alpenglow happening so we plugged in the fence twinkle lights and played our song and danced just the two of us in this incredible place. It was definitely a moment that we will remember forever and we were able to have it because of the extended time you get to stay. It was also really nice because we were able to have the rehearsal dinner and the farewell brunch all on site. Besides the place speaking for itself once you see it, Gene and Mandy are amazing!! In the beginning working with Mandy I felt like not only did I have someone who helped out and took care of things but also that I was working with a friend. She has a very friendly and calming demeanor which is great when you're feeling stressed out. To say they went above and beyond once we got there for the wedding would be an understatement. We had a nightmare rental/wedding planner/tent company and not only was Mandy there taking care of dealing with them and keeping me calm, Gene was busy replacing and fixing any problems that they were creating. I can't say enough about Toad Hill Farm and Mandy and Gene! Thank you guys for making our wedding so perfect!! 



Liz and Brian-


Our wedding at The Toad Hill Farm was by far the best party we every threw! We were able to have the exact experience we were looking for. We are passionate about the White Mountains and getting to be with them during our wedding ceremony, followed by having a beautiful New Hampshire outdoor summer party to commemorate our vows couldn't have been more perfect! Thank you Mandy and Gene for all of your love and support from planning to execution!




Toad Hill Farm was the perfect wedding venue for so many reasons! The setting is gorgeous - a perfect NH outdoor venue. We loved that the venue was ours from Thursday to Monday and that the house on site was a perfect fit for the entire bridal party. I wanted a venue that offered us the flexibility to plan all of the details and Toad Hill Farm was just that. Mandy was very helpful throughout the planning process, and Gene was available for any needs or questions during the weekend, while still making it feel as though we had the place to ourselves. We received SO many compliments on the venue. I will forever be thankful that we found Toad Hill Farm!!


Ilaria and Mike-


5.0 Stars


We could't hope for a better place for our wedding. Our search was long but well worth it when we finally found Toad Hill Farm.
The venue has a hill overlooking the White Mountains. We had our ceremony there. After one year our guests still talk about how beautiful the place was. 
The house is decorated with very good taste with all sort of very peculiar little objects that will make your wedding pictures unique. It has 6 rooms, so it was easy to accomodate all our immediate families, and we enjoyed cooking dinner and spend our evenings there.
If you choose this venue you will have the flexibility to have your wedding completely your way, since the only thing provided is the space there. That's a big pro if you are willing to spend a little bit more time researching all the rest you need.
Ours was a all DIY wedding, Mandy and Gene are very accommodating people and they helped us with local connections in the search for vendors. We could also stay at the venue as long as we wanted the night of the wedding and that it's almost an exception for US weddings.
I would definitely recommend this venue for somebody that doesn't want a cookie-cutter wedding.





5.0 Stars

My husband and I got married at Toad Hill Farm two years ago, and we absolutely loved it! The location could not be more beautiful – truly, pictures cannot do it justice. We had our ceremony up on the small hill and the reception in front of the house in a big, white tent. Our guests loved being in such a gorgeous location. Aside from the amazing views, we loved that everything could have a free, easygoing feel to it. Our guests could wander around, take pictures with the great scenery, and play lawn games during the cocktail hour and reception. We loved that the party could go on as long as we wanted it to – we danced until 3:30 am and never had to worry about music bothering neighbors. 

The house on the property that you rent with the venue is great to have access to. It has six bedrooms and is adorably decorated. Much of our family stayed here, and we held our rehearsal dinner on the porch. We also invited friends over the night before the wedding for drinks and smores outside. 

Mandy and Gene are extremely helpful and accommodating. They welcomed us to their property with open arms and wanted to make sure everything went smoothly during our time there. Whenever we needed something while we were there, Gene was sure to help out right away. They are wonderful people and will make sure that you have what you need from them to make your time there perfect!

One thing to note is that, with this venue, you have to do a lot of work yourself – rentals, catering, decorations, etc. There are fantastic vendors in the area, but if you want someone to take care of all the wedding details for you, you would need to hire a wedding planner to coordinate all of that for you as wedding planning and coordinating does not come with the venue. 

Overall, we highly recommend this venue if you are looking for a gorgeous, outdoor venue. We could not be happier with our choice!


Private User-

2+ years ago


5.0 Stars

We currently live in California but I wanted to get married in New Hampshire where my parents still live. We wanted a place that captured the beauty and essence of New Hampshire as well as our love for the outdoors. With its breathtaking views of the mountains, hilltop ceremony location and quintessential New England feel, Toad Hill Farm was like a fairytale. The Farmhouse worked out perfectly to house my family and Gene and Mandy were very kind and readily available. Although the cost was a little expensive, the flexibility and versatility of the venue allowed us to save money in a lot of other ways which allowed us to stay within our budget while still having our dream wedding.




5.0 Stars

Mandy and Gene were extremely helpful in planning our wedding. We felt like they truly wanted our weekend to be magical and happily went out of their way to make our experience stress free- accommodating us and our guests in every way possible. The venue is breathtaking and I have nothing but fond memories. 


Genesis and Chuck-


5.0  Stars

Totally the best!! Loved our spot, the house, the wedding and working with these guys. 

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